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How It All Began

On a dark, lonely night, a certain man found himself at the crossroads of his life. His meteoric climb to success and influence had its equally rapid descent. He sat in the ashes of acquired goods that he could no longer possess or utilize.

It was just a while before all he had left was $1200 cash, a closed bank account, one very worn vehicle, and his business virtually dead. In addition, his wife and newborn baby looked to him for everything, albeit he had run out of answers. That night he picked up the Bible placed by the Gideons in the hotel room. He found the Truth and his answers. That night changed his life and the birth of a vision for Catholics to receive free Bibles was seeded.

After many years, John E. Doherty rebuilt, not only his business, but also his entire life. With a renewed love and devotion to God’s Holy Word in the Sacred Scriptures, he knew what he had to do. In 2007, his company found itself in “hyper-gear” and fully functioning as a well-oiled machine. He took profits and began to purchase Bibles for anyone who asked and/or needed one. Within eight years, his company had provided over 350,000 Bibles free of charge at an estimated expense of just over $3.5 million.

In 2014, his faith and vision would be challenged again as he witnessed the tragic and untimely death of his youngest daughter. This would prove to be both a heavy personal and professional loss. Her death, occurring at a pivotal time in the growth history of the company, directly affected the availability of future funds to provide Bibles free of charge. Her loss from the second-generation business coincided (within one year), of the accumulating 75,000+ unfilled requests for the Scriptures. These circumstances cried out for additional funding to keep the free Bible distribution alive.

In 2015, John decided he must continue the work that had begun with the Bible distribution and consequently helped establish CITYofAGAPE Charitable Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity in memory of his daughter with the hopes and dreams of continuing to provide the Scriptures, completely free of any charges.


The mission of CityOfAgape is to Provide the Word of God through a beautiful, burgundy hardbound Bible - free of charge. Churches, schools, hospitals, prisons, inner-city destinations and programs, even individual requests by youth and elderly have come to CITYofAGAPE as their source for the Word of God, at no cost.

Each Bible includes a list of Bible passages for finding help in the Bible, such as help in special circumstances like celebrating a marriage, or graduation, or overcoming pride. In addition, there is reference to passages for when you may be experiencing troublesome feelings, like anxiety, depression, loneliness or doubt and scripture about what the Bible says about God’s forgiveness.

The impact of a Bible in one’s hand is immeasurable. It can change an attitude or save a life. It can instruct and inspire. The Word lifts the spirit, encourages the heart and renews the mind.

Board Members

CityOfAgape Board Members

John E. Doherty II

Founder and President Emeritus

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Jacqueline Romanczyk


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Angelyn Burk


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Rev. James S. Farfaglia, Pastor

Board Member

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Rev. David A. Hemann

Board Member

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Raymond Reeves

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Janice Wallace

Board Member

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Andrea Chisolm

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Contact Us

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CITYofAGAPE Charitable Foundation Inc.

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