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The Treasure Of Happiness

Reflection on Mass Reading for June 17, 2022

“When Athaliah, the mother of Ahaziah, saw that her son was dead, she began to kill off the whole royal family.” The First Readings we have been provided this week sound like the plot of a murder-mystery series that one might be tempted to binge-watch if anyone had that much free time these days. This wicked queen named Athalia has picked up where her mother left off. Yes, Jezebel, perhaps one of the evilest and most cunning figures in the Bible, rivaled only by Caipahas, Herod, and Pilate. As we just read, after the death of Ahaziah, her son, Athaliah, seized the throne and reigned for seven years. She massacred all the members of the royal house of Judah.

“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” What remains clear about living in this world is that you and I will meet ALL KINDS of people every single day, and all these encounters have in common is that we can tell what is in the heart of a person by their words and deeds. The Gospel underscores that claim by reminding us that whatever is in our hearts will undoubtedly find its way to the surface. Knowing that and trusting the Lord Jesus can make all the difference in the world, especially for the people around us. Ask yourself this question: “If people had to guess what was inside your heart just by your actions, what would they guess?”

“Try to make at least one person happy every day. If you cannot do a kind deed, speak a kind word. If you cannot speak a kind word, think a kind thought. Count up, if you can, the treasure of happiness that you would dispense in a week, in a year, in a lifetime!” Lawrence G. Lovasik

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