The Word of God

Uprooting Before Becoming

Reflection on Mass Reading for February 20, 2021

“He will renew your strength, and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring whose water never fails.” The only sure-fire way for any of us to make our way through this season of Lent is to realize, believe, and then expect the great things that can and will come from it if we but just enter the spirit of it with generous open hearts ready to love Jesus even more. We hope that by Holy Week, we will renew inner strength and a deeper resolve to find God in every aspect of our lives, especially the difficult and most troubling.

The Gospel of this same day provides us all with such a methodology and comforting resolution to handle the most powerful words we should ever want to hear on the planet: “Jesus said to him, ‘Follow me.'” The only sure-fire way to approach the daily call to holiness and to avoid the dangerous but likewise appealing calls to be selfish, leading us to our final destination in Heaven, is simple and beautiful. We follow Jesus. We listen to Him, immerse ourselves in fruitful and comforting prayer, and then repeat this life-giving cycle every single morning of our lives.

“Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting, before becoming.” Victoria Erickson


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