The Word of God

When We Feel Powerless

Reflection on Mass Reading for July 20, 2021

Theme for July 2021: Why Does God Test Me?

“Thus the LORD saved Israel on that day from the power of the Egyptians.” One of the most difficult experiences one can face is that of powerlessness. Nothing feels quite as bad as having little or no control over situations that merit or deserve some direction on our part. At the same time, there may be very little over which we have complete control, such as sickness, disappointments, and death. Perhaps the Lord is preparing us slowly for these situations by the little moments of inconvenience. When the Lord save the Chosen People from the slavery of the Egyptians, their powerlessness evaporated as they placed all their hope in Him and His servant, Moses.

“Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother.” Our true and lasting power comes from the belonging we have of being part of God’s trusted and beloved family. Jesus makes that promise real and everlasting, not only with His words but also and most specifically with his supreme sacrifice upon the cross. When we feel powerless, let us remember that power is, in fact, an illusion, and the only real thing over which we have control is our relationship with God. Do something great for God today!

“When you pray, God listens. When you listen, God talks. When you believe, God works.” – Unknown

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