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Who Are You Carrying?

Reflection on Mass Reading for April 14, 2019

Among several cultures on our planet, there exists a delightful little story about a young donkey and his mother who was trying desperately to prepare her young son for the ravages and cruelty of the world which typically never treated these animals with much respect. Coming home, however, one day, the young animal was full of excitement and unbelievable joy. He had a small job earlier that morning and everyone was shouting with respect and joy and even throwing palm branches in front of him so that the walk on the hard surface would be less strenuous. “They love us, Mama!,” he shouted with almost unbelief. “They now respect us! We are free!” His kind mother looked with love upon her somewhat idealistic son and simply said, “We are free as long as we carry greatness upon our backs.” “Go into the village opposite you, and immediately on entering it, you will find a colt tethered on which no one has ever sat. Untie it and bring it here.” (Opening Gospel Before Procession with Palms) 

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday while ushering in the great mystery of Holy Week when we commemorate Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey with gleeful and exuberant shouts of “Hosanna.” It was, however, a short-lived moment of public popularity for Jesus. In just a few days the feckless crowds would become violent and hostile crying out for His execution. The donkey would be traded for a cross. By the end of the week on Good Friday, the burden-bearer would be Jesus Himself and a donkey would not be carrying Christ – Christ would be carrying the cross.  He would not be astride the back of a donkey’s back, but rather a cruel, albeit, redemptive cross would be crushing upon His back!

Let us begin and let us pray: 

“All-powerful, eternal God, You have chosen to give us all a model of humility; our Savior took on our flesh, and subjected Himself to the Cross. Grant us the grace to preserve faithfully the lessons He has given us in his Passion and to have a share in His Resurrection. Amen.”  

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4 thoughts on “Who Are You Carrying?”

  • Alicia S. Welch says:

    I am sorrowful for what I have done and still do to offen my lord. It may not be a great big or small mistake , but none the less a sin. I ask my self why would I hurt my father in heaven who die for me , nothing makes sense. So I ask God to forgive me and cry. In my heart I know God never stop loving me and has forgiven me. My heart asks the lord to teach me to forgive myself and to realize that he knows my heart and is always with me..

  • John Arguell says:

    I remember my Aunt Carmela who lived in the Rio Grande Valley. I would always go to church with her when we were there visiting. She was a devout Catholic, and on Sunday after lunch, we would go to the Shrine of Our Lady in San Juan. I thank God that she cared so much for me, to make sure that any questions I had about God and the Catholic Religion were always answered.
    I will always be grateful to her for her caring heart and the love she gave me, and for our Heavenly Father for putting her in my life to begin with.

  • Deacon Ron Martinez says:

    A Splendid Passage to begin this Most Holy Week as we journey toward the crescendo of the Salvation Gift of Our Sweet Lord Jesus.

  • Elvia Tamayo says:

    I remember the story my grandmother told me when I asked was the devil real , she said , YES . He’s always around to deceive .Look at what the world did to Jesus.. they crucified Him . We will always have challenges on earth . Our heaven comes with death … our eternal peace.

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